We Made Me Wuti Wrap Review*

There is nothing quite like sitting around and soaking in all the newborn cuddles, but once real life starts kicking in again, and your to do list grows, it’s great to have the option of babywearing to carry on keeping your baby close, but also getting things done.

We Made Me Wuti Wrap

Babywearing is something that I’ve only really discovered with Baby L. I didn’t really embrace it when Little I when she was a baby. I think I saw it as a bit over complicated and I wasn’t aware of all the wonderful wraps out there. The only ones I had seen were a bit ‘out there’ pattern wise and not really my cup of tea! Baby wearing seems to be a lot more ‘main stream’ now and we have been loving it! (more…)


What makes a perfect play date*

Sometimes it can feel like our children have better social lives than we do ourselves! Between the birthday parties, the trips to the park, the toddler groups and, of course, the good old classic play dates round a friend’s house, our kids’ social calendars fill up fast. We were asked by the lovely people at Aptamil Growing Up milks to host our very own play date and to have a watch of how our little toddlers play for their Science of Play campaign. This advertorial is brought to you in association with Aptamil Growing Up milks.

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Sleepyhead Deluxe Review*

Sleep. The holy grail when it comes to parenting. I had forgotten how much so until our second child came along! I had heard plenty of parents and friends raving about the Sleepyhead so when we got the chance review one, I was over the moon!

sleepyhead deluxe review

We’ve always been pretty lucky with our toddler’s sleep patterns. She’s been a pretty great sleeper from about 4 months onwards. When she was a newborn though, we needed to pad out her bedside crib with towels and blankets to make her feel like she was secure. We could have done with a Sleepyhead back then!

So let’s get started with our review. (more…)


Black Friday & Weekend Deals!

I don’t know about you but I’ve been shunning all work this weekend and have been hitting the Black Friday sales online!


If you’re still in the market for a bargain, check out these deals and my picks below. (more…)



I always know Christmas is just around the corner when all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals start cropping up. I can’t remember when we adopted this US tradition of Black Friday, but anything that means grabbing a few bargains is more than welcome in my life!

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Phil & Teds Dash Double Pushchair Review*


Phil & Teds is one of those brands where you can just tell they are passionate about making life for us, as parents, easier. They originated in New Zealand and have a great attitude towards all things baby related, which is summed up on their website:

‘phil&teds is the juvenile brand that enables parents to escape nursery prison and ‘adapt&survive’! It ain’t about the baby, baby!  It’s about you retaining a ‘sense of self’ – with the kids in tow – with products that ‘fit with me’. We’re all about safety & innovation, proud inventors of multi-award winning products such as the original inline stroller, a travel cot lighter than a baby and the ‘auto-stop brake’. We’re proud of our 18 years of research and development, whilst setting trends and innovations, globally.’

We have been putting their Phil & Teds Dash pushchair to the test recently and are excited to tell you all about it. (more…)


My Breastfeeding Essentials

I still can’t believe I’ve managed to breastfeed this time around – especially with our rough start (more on that soon). But here I am, almost 7 weeks in, and I thought it might be helpful to share my breastfeeding essentials with you!

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HiPP Organic Free From Baby Care Range Review & Giveaway

Bath time is a highlight of the evening in our household – especially with the toddler! As soon as she hears the tap running, she comes bounding through to the bathroom shouting ‘bubbles’! It’s so lovely to see because I remember bath time being a lot of fun when i was little too. When it comes to the products we use at bath time, I’m quite fussy with what I put on my children’s skin, as our most parents. I’m always on the look out for new, natural, kind to the skin products so HiPP Organic’s new Free From baby care range caught my eye.

hipp organic free from baby care range review (more…)


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