Co-sleeping: Yes or No?

Co-sleeping is a bit of a hot topic in the world of parenting. It’s probably been debated between parents since time began but with so much information available through the internet these days, it seems to get debated over and over again at the moment – it’s hard to escape it.

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Why I’m not the mum I thought I would be

Recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten a bit carried away with fashion and review posts and have neglected the personal side of my blog. I tend to get the most connections with people when I post about things that I’ve been feeling or experiencing so I want to start sharing (or over sharing as some might say) again.


This is a post I had been trying to write for a while but hadn’t found the right words to fully explain what I was trying to say. It’s all about how i’ve become a type of mum I never thought I would be. (more…)

21 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Update

21 weeks pregnant pregnancy update bump

How far along: 21 weeks.

Symptoms: Lots of bum cheek and leg cramp when standing up, which is rather odd to say the least! Also getting quite a lot of pains and cramps in my bump as well. Lots of bump stiches when trying to power walk or run. I’ve forgotten to mention this symptom in any of my updates so far, but I’ve been getting a lot of sciatica type back pain in this pregnancy. I get a shooting pain in the right side of my lower back and then I can’t walk on my right leg very well. It’s really sore and no matter what position I sit or stand in, it doesn’t go away. Not nice. Luckily it only happens a few days a week and doesn’t last for more than half a day really. It usually comes on a night so I just go to bed with it. I’m needing to wee a lot more now so baby must be getting bigger! (more…)

Fashion Picks: Summer Occasion Wear Dresses

We all know the winter is renowned for being the ‘party season’ – there’s Christmas, New Year, work dos, all sorts going on – but then there’s also the summer. From christenings to weddings to BBQs, the good weather encourages us all to get together and have a bit of celebration from time to time.

With that in mind I’ve picked out some summer occasion wear items to share with you!

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Children’s Bedding Picks

Who doesn’t love fresh, new bedding? I can tell I’m approaching 30 because I genuinely get rather over excited about the thought of putting new bedding on our beds, Little I’s included. Although, in saying that, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I actually got the same feeling when my mum used to do it for me all those years ago at home. There’s just something so refreshing about a nice, new bedding set. It’s one of those things that can instantly brighten and rejuvenate a room.

In light of this thought, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite children’s bedding sets that I have come across recently during my, rather frequent, online browsing of home departments.

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20 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Update

20 weeks pregnancy update pregnant bump

How far along: 20 weeks.

Symptoms: I’ve had some more headaches and sickness which has been a bit poop. Hope these symptoms aren’t coming back. I have a proper little bump now which is fun! People are noticing a lot more now as well. My boobs have grown even more and I’m struggling to find new maternity bras. Bump has been quite uncomfortable this week – lots of niggling pains and cramps. I’m also super tired and super forgetful at the moment.  (more…)

Fashion Picks: Everyday Womens Jeans

I am rather enjoying a fashion post at the moment so thought I would share some more picks from the good old online high street with you. This time, it’s the turn of the jeans.

Jeans are one of those staple items that you need to have at least a couple pairs of in your wardrobe. The problem usually comes with trying to find jeans that fit well. I’d say they are, hands down, the trickiest item of clothing to . There are just so many options out there.

I am mainly a fan of the skinny cut but recently I’ve found myself browsing, and contemplating, some looser fits, such as the mom jean or the boyfriend jean again.

Here are some of my picks that are out there at the moment:

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10 Favourite Blogs #1

10 favourite blogs

I like to read a lot of different types of blogs in my spare time and there are far, far too many to list all in one go, so I thought I’d break it down into batches of ten for you. These are my first lot of ten favourite blogs I like to read. The genres are a little mixed but I thought it would be more fun that way! (more…)

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